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AMP Equity and Major Non-Equity Members possess exceptional experience in developing and delivering complex highway and bridge projects in some of the most congested urban corridors in the world. Working closely with owners and other stakeholders during the predevelopment phase and through construction, we have an exemplary track record of self-funding predevelopment and early works in order to accelerate the overall project schedule. We are early innovators of tolling technology and been awarded numerous accolades for our approach to partnering, finance, design and construction delivery.
Maryland's Inter County Connector • $2.3b

Dynamic Pricing Congestion Relief Project

In an effort to shorten commuting times, spur economic growth, reduce traffic on local roads and expedite traffic to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport around the Washington DC, area, the Maryland State Highway Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority developed the Maryland InterCounty Connector, a dynamic pricing toll facility.

This design-build congestion relief project links existing and proposed development areas between the I-270 and I-95/US 1 corridors within central and eastern Montgomery County and north western Prince George’s County with a state-of-the-art, east-west highway that controls access and accommodates passenger and goods movement.

Features similar to the goals of Maryland Phase 1:

• Congestion to Management
• Electronic Toll Collection
• Variable-Pricing Structure
• Large complex Urban Design-Build
• Lifecycle Optimization
• Extensive Partnering & Community Outreach

  • Silver Partnering Award
    Maryland Quality Initiative 2013
  • Best Transportation Project in the Mid-Atlantic Region
    ENR Magazine 2012
  • Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives Award
    Federal Highway Administration 2012
  • Environmental Excellence Award
    American Road & Transp. Builders Association (ARTBA) 2012
  • National Design-Build Award
    Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) 2012
Alexander Hamilton Bridge • $485.5m

Avoiding Carmageddon

The Alexander Hamilton Bridge is vital link in the I-95 corridor - the most congested in the region with 300,000 AADT. This design-build project consisted of a major reconstruction and widening of eight-lane main bridge into a ten-lane bridge and all associated approach roads and ramps. Over $20 million in community improvements were delivered.

Extensive predevelopment and engineering led to many means and methods resulting in accelerating the work and saving tens of millions of dollars, all while maintaining over 190,000 AADT over the bridge. The project required extensive partnering with dozens of third parties, received numerous awards and accolades, and finished on time and budget without any claims.

Features similar to the goals of Maryland Phase 1:

• Heavily Congested Urban Corridor
• Schedule Acceleration
• Complex Traffic Management
• Lifecycle Optimization
• Collaborative Risk Approach
• Extensive Partnering & Community Outreach

  • Prize Bridge Reconstruction Category
    AISC/NSBA 2016
  • Steel Bridge Competition
    NSBA 2016
  • Construction Achievement Project of the Year
    ASCE 2014
  • Excellence in Partnering Award for Formal Partnering
    AGC of NYS and NYSDOT 2014

True Partnership Project

A new 35-mile segment of the national highway network delivered jointly as a P3 with the Italian State Road Agency (ANAS). Provides high-speed connectivity, time savings, and local route congestion relief. With an extended period of planning, design, and early development taking place before financial close, delivery of this project included extensive predevelopment collaboration with stakeholders on community sensitive design and environmental mitigations.

An additional 22-mile segment of the roadway is currently under development in partnership with ANAS. This collaboration will help achieve the region’s long-term vision for connectivity and congestion relief.

Features similar to the goals of Maryland Phase 1:

• Congestion Management
• State-of-the-Art Electronic Toll Collection
• High-Speed Connectivity & Time Savings
• Self-funding Predevelopment & Construction
• Extensive Predevelopment work with stakeholders
• Innovative Design to Minimize Impacts

Annual Average Economic Benefits:

  • >$850 million
    During Construction
  • >$142 million
    During Operations
ASTI-CUNEO Motorway (A33) • $1.45b

Building for the Future

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board has approved and awarded the $1.8 billion design-build Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Expansion contract to 3rd Track Constructors (3TC).

The project consists of planning and construction of a third railway line extending about 10 miles from Floral Park to Hicksville, including third rail, ties, switches, cable, signal equipment, utility poles and other items needed to support railroad operations, and the elimination of seven street-level train crossings in Nassau County, New York.

Long Island Rail Road 3rd Track DB• $1.8b